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The Junior School is a dynamic environment in which we see significant developments in physical, emotional and intellectual growth from Kindergarten through to graduation at the completion of year 6. These are the ‘Foundation Years’ during which early linguistic and arithmetic basics, scope for creative play and expression, physical fitness and constructive socialization are crucial steps in building childhood competencies. This is the when good habits are instilled and a sense of identity and place take shape.

Primary Section

As students move through the Primary School, we begin to introduce them progressively to the world of integrated knowledge, while particularly strengthening their aptitude in the core studies of English, Hindi, Kannada, Mathematics, General Science and Social Science. This is a time of multi-dimensional learning. A wide range of classroom activities are used as stimuli for reading and writing. From Class - 1, our students are introduced to the study of computers, appreciating that computer literacy is essential in a modern world. Children start using the Math Lab from class-1, which helps them to sharpen their analytical skills. We also encourage students in the primary school to do various projects in Environmental Science appreciating the History, Geography and cultural diversity of our Earth. Students have physical training classes to develop their ability and fitness. Art and Music classes in the primary school create an awareness and appreciation to the these creative forms.

Secondary Section

As students progress through the senior years, we expect them to become increasingly independent learners with an interest in setting personal academic goals. It is our belief that rigour and regular testing provide young students with the self-discipline and confidence to handle more advanced senior tasks. Building self-esteem, self-respect and the courage to explore are the qualities we seek to reinforce in our student body. Class 9 is a preparing ground for students to take off to the tenth standard where students will face their first significant Board examination. These two years, students get maximum attention from their parents and constant advice from teachers. The subjects included for these classes are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science. The physical training classes build up stamina and are thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The students also excel in SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) and General studies assessments. These students run their race in high spirits and with determination.