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Chairman's Message

Welcome to Vidya Spoorthi School, In the Year 2004 we opened the gates of VSS to cater the educational needs of children. As the children are the future, we believe in providing the right environment, foundation & infrastructure through our comprehensive integrated curriculum in order to lay a stepping stone for their successful future. We encourage children to perform & learn by themselves. Our School Motto ¨C ¡°Discipline First , Studies Next¡± is deeply embedded in the hearts of our children.

Mr. Ramakrishna. M

Secretary's message

As we all know, Education makes the mind's free. It unshackles the dogmas, disbelief and decaying ideologies from one¡¯s personality. It is freedom in the true sense with honor, dedication and pride. We encourage questioning as we want them to be agile.

The key focus areas continue to remain creating opportunities, challenging minds, encouraging innovation and sustaining excitement. With immense pride and great pleasure I welcome you All... To take a step towards making one more positive difference in your life. "Inspiring tomorrow and learning Today".

Shreehari R

Principal's message

School - Education is abode of learning. it is imbibed coaching, discipline, culture, tradition and so on. Threading all these together we strive for the success. So, let's groom the young minds in the path of success in their life.

Happy learning in VSS

Mrs. Ramya Suhas Udupa

Headmistress's message

Education is a never ending process. It makes an individual intellectually enlighten, vocationally self-sufficient, socially efficient, morally strong, culturally polished and spiritually developed.

It is always our earnest endeavor to provide our students with sufficient fields and facilities, thoughts and activities, opportunities, inspiration and guidance for steady growth.

VSS family delight in seeing its students blossoming into enlightened citizens fully alive to their responsibilities towards parents, society and motherland.

With the continuous guidance and support from management, dedication of our teachers and co-operation of the parents we are working hard to achieve a very high standard.

Mrs. Nazeera Begum